Bob your head to this elegant, rhythmic puzzle game

Music is ineffable. Quoth Frank Zappa, “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” This is doubly true for talking about abstract music games like Sentris, the symphonic puzzle about sliding colorful blocks into centrical patterns and creating beats. Case in point, after listening to a lengthy description, I’m still clueless as to exactly how it plays. That’s why I’ve including this video to hypnotize you instead. 

That’s also why the designer Samantha Kalman has published a demo for everyone to try. Kalman says that her motivations in creating this project were not only to explore the relationship between good music and good games, both things Kill Screen loves, but also to deal with the ambiguity of accomplishing a great achievement in a game and having nothing to show for it afterward. Depending on how you play, the music changes spontaneously. It was just successfully funded on Kickstarter today, so look for it in 2014.