Breathtaking Arma 3 mod proves government-financed videogames are a good thing

Okay, so this military training program isn’t really a mod. But close enough. BISimulations, otherwise known as Bohemia Interactive, the creators of ARMA 3, have released this mighty impressive trailer showing off the visual technology of VBS3. Among the countries who will use the software to train soldiers in the classroom include, you guessed it, the United States, who, according to the press release, has selected it to be their flagship computer game. Ahem, I mean training program. 

Often what we talk about when we talk about militaries financing videogames is that the medium is being used for potentially unethical purposes, like, you know, killing folks. But perhaps what we ought to be talking about is how the deep pockets of an army’s coffer can propel the medium forward, which we can see clearly in VBS’s procedurally generated foliage. After all, nations do need well-trained militaries. And games have reached a point where the budgets are astronomical. These kind of industry crossovers could be a good thing. For instance, just imagine what collaborations in fields like artificial intelligence would lead to. Yep, my thought too, the singularity.