E3’s "booth babes" are finally getting widespread attention, critique.

Models hired to demonstrate at conventions, or booth babes, stand around in heels for long hours and fairly low pay. While they might help attract some attention to their employers’ booths, their presence is controversial. Including scantily clad women in a booth can distract attention from the advertised message, and promotes the idea that women are merely part of the promotional scenery. Personally, I think booth babes are tacky, but then again, so is most advertising.

The Guardian wonders if the models still have a place when so many E3 attendees are themselves women:

And driving home just how out-of-place these booth babes are is the fact that as you look around, you notice that almost half the people attending E3 are women – media, industry PRs and yes, even game developers.

So here’s a thought for next year, E3–for the sake of balance, how about some booth boys too?

It only seems fair.

[via The Week]