Boston to Turn in Digital Wonderland For a Weekend

This weekend, Beantown plays host to the Boston Cyberarts Festival which will turn the entire town into an augmented reality paradise. We just hope they stay away from Lansdowne Street. That gets real ugly at night. 

Daily Serving has the rundown:

The disembodied art on display include (in collaboration with Damon Loren Baker and Arthur Peters) Mark Skwarek‘s Parade to Hope that will be located in the Boston harbor. John Craig Freeman will be exhibiting Tank Man and Goddess of Democracy as one work, Tiananmen SquARed. Both of these images draw from the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. Tamiko Thiel will present Jasmine Rain, a soft-curtain of Jasmine flowers falling around a golden cage that surrounds the viewer. Will Pappenheimer will present his signature psychedelic AR toads. Geoffrey Alan Rhodes will be exhibiting a new work titledMaoDoll(ar). His past works are compelling and sensitive to what’s possible within the AR vocabulary. Sander Veenhof, who made the worlds biggest AR work, a carpet of cubes surrounding the entire earth, will be presenting a minimalist take on the AR titled 1px. It’s sure to push the definition of what an AR work can and should be.

That’s Jasmine Rain at the top.