Bow before your new god, this interactive tree of lights

As the centerpiece for the Reverb Festival in London that she’s curating, musician Imogen Heap has commissioned an unusual centerpiece. Designed by art and architecture firm Atmos Studio, “Arboreal Lighting” is a giant tree-like structure made from thousands of tiny LED lights. There are over 4,000 to be exact.

But from reading Atmos’ description of the project, you might be convinced that a new religion is forming:

Some branches yearn upwards, towards the light of the lantern; a few strands bow down to reach and mingle with the audience, who can then trigger their own luminous ripples and join in the spatial symphony. This light canopy of visual music creates a unifying lattice that embraces the people beneath it within a giant, pulsating, Gaian network – umbilical cords connecting people to building, sound to light.

Ok! Heap has been on the forefront of looking for new ways to combine interactivity and musical craft. She’s experimented with gestural music gloves, for example. If you’re in London this weekend, go check out the tree at the Roundhouse Theatre before it shuts down on Sunday.