Box Life is a virtual Donald Judd fantasy.

Artist Donald Judd would have likely seen a fundamental difference between Box Life–the free, abstract, first-person problem sovler by Tequbio–and his own work. That is, his box-y pieces dictate an experience of structural purity in the real world. Box Life–as a videogame–abstracts and softens the same experience, providing intimacy and discovery in a virtual room comprised only of shadowless boxes and some kinetic prism sculptures. 

The “metroidvania” via Portal scheme sees the player through the one-room world of Box Life, offering no instruction, save some pointers on how to move and what to do with a new skill, i.e. “jump” and “jump twice.” The mission: Find four light prisms and return them to their pedestals. Find the skills to the get to the prisms and eventually manuever the room in flight. Though the rewards are small, the process is why you play.