Break free from the boundaries of traffic symbols in the 2D platformer Sign Motion

Have you ever looked around at your surroundings, suddenly realizing—as if waking from a dream—that you are enclosed by nothing but walls? The walls of your cubicle, or the confinement of the rules keeping you inside them—or even the assumptions that this is all life is or should ever be.

If yes, then you may find that you are, in fact, not actually person, but rather a stick figure approximation of a person on a road sign. Either that, or you’re just stuck inside corporate America. Either/or, really.

Sign Motion is a 2D side scrolling platformer that forces you to forget the presumptions you once had about your environment. Did you think you were confined, unable to survive outside your walls? Wrong. Did you believe the world was built around safety and warning symbols? Wrong. Is that car from the traffic sign really coming straight at you? Well, yes, it is actually.

You may recognize your main character, that cute little stick figure kid on the school crossing sign, from your commute past the local elementary school into work. One fateful day, the little dude from the school Xing sign is brutally ripped away from the only place he’s ever known. His companion, fellow adult sign mate stick figure man, tries desperately to reach you in order to pull you back. But no luck. You must face this scary world outside your yellow diamond alone.

Outside of stationary life on a road side, you enter the world whirling world of Sign Motion. Manipulate your environment to progress past stick figures who are either helpful, oppositional, or just plain envious of your newfound freedom. Unlike many other platformers, there are no traditional enemies in Sign Motion because “it’s you against the environment or you against yourself, depending on how you choose to interpret it.” The Steam Greenlight page teases some elements of self-directed narrative, since the story remains totally subject to your interpretation of it. Sign Motion, as you might expect, has no dialogue, narration, or even language. It deals only in symbolism.

If you haven’t already caught on, I kind of interpret the little stick figure kid as a rebel. Climbing up and surpassing all boundaries, stopping at nothing to make it through this world of confinement. He even gets sucker punched in the gut by a car and somehow manages to keep going. You go, little stick figure dude. Get on with your bad self.

You can download Sign Motion on October 24th on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.