Breaking Bad meets Mario in crazy Wii heist

Remember that scene in the first episode of this season’s Breaking Bad? The one where Walter and Jesse use the enormous magnet to destroy an evidence room? Yeah, well, videogame crooks are stepping their game up – these aren’t the usual counterfeiters or torrentors, but the real daring deal:

The thieves drove two large diesel trucks into a Nintendo distribution site inside Seattle Air Cargo on Saturday evening around 9 o’clock. The thieves worked together to snatch up thousands of consoles by operating forklifts within the warehouse. Afterward, they loaded the Wiis into two 53-foot semi-truck trailers waiting outside the center along with another large box-truck van.

They made off with two million dollars worth of Wiis.It’s genius: focus not on the big-ticket new product, but its still-valuable predecessor. If only we had the crime-solving genius Cole Phelps on the case.