Broadway comes to videogames in Peter Panic

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Peter Panic (iOS)


The musicals of Broadway permeate Peter Panic. Not only is the game about restoring a small town theater, it features a full score by award-winning concert composer Benjamin Bonnema, and also stars a voice cast of actual Broadway talent. It is also a musical itself. You play as aspiring director Peter as he hops around the local businesses to get funding for the defunct theater of his childhood town. Conversation is sung with arms and mouths stretched wide. Once Peter agrees to work for the business owners in exchange for funding, you’ll have the task of keeping up with the mini-games as they’re fired rapidly at you. It plays very much like WarioWare: silly, simple, but fast. Make three mistakes and you’ll have to start again. While Peter Panic is free, and you can play it as much as you like, you’ll have to pay a few dollars if you want to save your progress.

Perfect for: Singers, dancers, musical enthusiasts

Playtime: An hour or two

peter panic 2