Bubsy returns in 3D to appreciate high art

Bubsy 3D was just godawful, often claiming a spot on worst-game-of-all-time lists. If you played it back in the day, I’m sorry. Like witnessing a horrible traffic accident, it must be impossible to forget those nauseating pioneering 3D graphics. 

So, naturally, Bubsy 3D has been remade, ironically, of course, on this its 18th birthday. The deed was done by an indie game collective known as Arcane Kids, best known for last year’s Jet Grind Radio-inspired student game Zineth. And of course, our least favorite feline mascot is mountain-diving to the James Turrell Retrospective at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, because why not?

Don’t worry. The remake still features those same terrible controls and jaggy three-dimensional land masses (although unfortunately for purists Bubsy himself has received a slight makeover). However, the retrospective on the master of light and space makes returning to Polygon Land well worth the trip, and might just lead to appreciating the sparse abstract landscapes of the original in a new beautiful light. . . Nah!