Buddy Check, the app that helps you round up drunk friends at the end of a night

Absolut Vodka brings forth Buddy Check, an app that will keep all of your friends in check during a night out. The app uses A-GPS to pinpoint a buddy’s exact location and sends alerts when the person crosses a virtual geofence.

Night outs with friends always start out as fun but often end up with the frustrating task of herding all members of the clique. Some will take a quick trip to the restroom, some will stay at the bar forgetting about their company and some might just take a cab and make their way home without bothering to give a heads up.

The Buddy Check app is an interactive solution to this risky problem. The group starts off by downloading and activating the app. A simple tap of the phones will pair the devices and allow all members to see each other’s location. Throughout the night, the app will start asking you to do a “Buddy Bump” where you need to find a specific person and tap each other’s phone together. If you are able to fulfill the task within the allotted time, you will be awarded points. This is the occasional checking-if-everyone-is-OK in a fun game format.

See how it works here:

“We wanted a way to address that peer pressure and alcohol together can lead to binge drinking”, Paula Eriksson, a VP of Absolut parent company Pernod Ricard says. “Buddy Check gives you the opportunity to use the group dynamic in positive and responsible way when going out with friends.”

An additional feature is the Buddy Message that enables you to send messages to your friends. The app also has some friendly advice for a better night out (like a reminder for a drink of water).

When a session ends, all data are deleted and none are stored on the servers as a guarantee for privacy and security. The app is available for free at the App Store here.

Pernod Ricard

This post was originally written by Leo Lutero for PSFK.