Build your own adventure game with Story Nexus

Have you ever wanted to make your own adventure game? Failbetter Games has created a tool called Story Nexus which allows you to craft your own text based adventure. And even if you don’t want to create a game, you can play other people’s. 

The adventure creation package requires no coding but allows you to craft elaborate interactive tales, and then test them while you’re still scribbling possibilities. The system revolves around ‘story lets’ little action scenes like pages in a choose your own adventure book – you write a paragraph or two, then decide on the choices your character faces, and the consequences they lead to, slowly creating a branching labyrinth of narrative possibilities.

“Essentially, we’re giving writers access to the tools we build our own games with,” says Failbetter’s Paul Arendt. “It’s a beta release, so we’re still tweaking and adding features, but it’s already perfectly possible to make your own worlds, and soon it will be possible to earn money from them as well”. There is already a community of writers using the software, and Failbetter says it will select and feature the best examples every three months.