Bulgarian designer creates furniture inspired by puzzles

A standout at Bulgaria’s Sofia Design Week in 2012 for his flat-packed plywood furniture, designer Konstantin Achkov‘s new work takes its inspiration from an unlikely place: puzzles. For those who’ve haphazardly attempted to construct an Ikea bookshelf that seems to be missing a part, Achkov’s work adds intentionality to the madness of building furniture.

The Electron chair, for example, is constructed from a single cut of beech plywood on a CNC router. The amazing part is that there isn’t a single screw or glue drop in the chair’s manufacturing. He used what are called “revolute joints” which contribute the chair’s puzzle-like design. The big overall benefit is flat-pack shipping which makes it easier to get his creations from place to place. 

“A good puzzle is a fair thing,” said Erno Rubik, creator of the Rubik’s cube. Nice to know it can be a beautiful thing too.

 You can see more of Konstantin’s furniture design here