Call for Pitches: The Sounds Issue

It’s time for a new Kill Screen, and this time, we’re thinking about sound. We almost called it the “music issue,” but that was too limiting. Sure, we want to talk about soundtracks, music games, games that make music, and musicians who play games. But we also want to talk about sound design, sound effects, soundscapes, voiceovers … you get the idea.


Here’s stuff we’d love to see:

• Reported features about sound in games. Tell us a great story with an original angle and terrific sources, and we will love you.
• Stories on how music creation has informed game design, and vice-versa.
• Making-of stories about games that depend heavily or exclusively on sound.
• Music/game communities, game/music scenes. Chiptunes! Your editor hates chiptunes, but maybe you can turn him around.
• Interviews with sound designers, composers, and musicians. 

Here are subjects to be careful about:

• Stories about how awesome Rock Band/Guitar Hero are, or about an awesome time you had playing them.
• Pitches about Jonathan Coulton. We’re betting we’ll get several; what will make yours stand out?
• Stories about how beating such-and-such game always reminds you of so-and-so’s song.
• New technologies that sound great in theory but have never been tested.
• Plain ol’ fandom. We love games too.  But if the point of your story is, “_____ was the greatest game ever,” dig deeper. 

Submit your ideas here, and be sure to read our full submissions guidelines here.


Photograph by Mikael Altemark