Can 3D printing remake world building?

Architecture Daily has an article about a guy named Enrico Deni, who invented a new type of 3D printer to help him actualize his dream building. Imagine a world in which level designers could playtest and iterate on their ideas in their backyards. Full circle.

Dini became a civil engineer and later branched out into making machines, all the while dreaming of impossible shapes. For Dini, thinking about having to build with concrete and brick and the required use of scaffolding and manpower seemed outdated and inefficient. Rather than accept the constraints of the current building methods, in 2004 he invented and patented a full scale 3D printing method that used epoxy to bind sand. Enrico could now 3D print buildings.

The lessons here are twofold.

  1. Chase your dreams, even if they’re to build something that looks like a giant egg with holes in it.
  2. It’s easier to build something if you’ve already built a smaller version of it.

-Drew Millard