Can a game teach you the fine art of pasta rolling?

Of the many wonderful uses of games, teaching people how to make pasta was not on our radar as a high priority need.  Nonetheless, for researchers at the University of Bologna, the highly dextrous task rolling tortellini was a must.

“We chose tortellini for two reasons,” explained professor of computer science, Marco Roccetti, who invented the software together with his undergraduate students.

“The first reason was that we wanted to find a new way of preserving the culinary, cultural heritage of our home town, and the second was that making tortellini is a hard task.

“So designing and architecting a game based on that was a hard task from a technical viewpoint too.”

Tortellino X-perience is a multimedia teaching game combining a traditional video with a 3D representation of the player’s hands.

Players watch a real pasta maker demonstrate each step of the complicated tortellini-making process in the video.

Then they have to simulate her actions; from making, kneading and rolling out the dough to cutting, stuffing, sealing and twisting it into tortellini.

Their movements are tracked by gesture recognition software using a webcam, so they can see them shown in real time on the screen through stop-motion video.

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