Can former Nintendo Fun Club President make learning effortless?

Howard Phillips, of Howard & Nestor fame, has started a Kickstarter for an educational game that distracts you from learning. Basically, image and audio are paired in tiles that players have to match up for score combos. The distraction of figuring out how to get a high score makes it seem like you’re learning without really trying.

Chris Kohler at Wired says things don’t look promising for the Kickstarter, but that the game will probably find funding somehow.

With only a few days left on the Kickstarter drive and only a little over a fifth of the $50,000 funding goal raised so far, odds are not good that Know-It-All will get crowdfunded. Phillips said in an email that he is continuing to “pursue multiple means of getting Know-It-All to market,” so it’s unlikely that it will disappear if the Kickstarter doesn’t get over the line.