Can Friendster Reinvent Itself as Social Gaming Hub?

Anyone who registered on Friendster in the early 2000s might have received an email recently, explaining the prime social network’s recent move into gaming. Here is an excerpt from that letter, in which CEO Ganesh Kumar Bangah discusses Friendster’s influence and how it plans to move forward:

Friendster has touched the lives of many. Since MOL, the company I founded, acquired Friendster in early last year; many people have come up to me to tell me how Friendster has changed their lives. Many have told me that they have found their life partners over Friendster. Just last week, a successful Internet entrepreneur in Singapore told me that her success was triggered by promoting her business on Friendster. Friendster pioneered social networking and ignited the social media industry that has created billion dollar companies such as Facebook and Twitter, companies that may not have existed in their present form if not for Friendster’s early innovation.

Today, Friendster is in a unique position to take advantage on the growth of social gaming. Through its relationship with MOL, which has a 10 year history in working with gaming companies, Friendster has both the experience and track record to make innovations in this space.

Check out the new site for yourself here. And change your profile picture—that haircut is so 2005.

-Jon Irwin