N++ knows you can go faster than that

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N++(Windows, PlayStation 4)


There hasn’t been an N game on PC since the first one back in 2004. Now the second sequel, N++, has arrived on its home platform (it’s also available on PS4). While it is a sequel, N++ is better considered a version of the original game that’s been refined and tweaked over the course of a decade. It’s a momentum-based 2D platformer as before, one that has you collecting gold squares while dodging missiles and darting past robots. But it feels smoother and more confident in its design: the physics are smoother, which makes mastering the art of balancing speed and inertia all the more satisfying. It also offers a huge number of handmade levels for you to beat—2,360 to be precise—and then replay to submit a better time to the global leaderboards. It also comes with a level editor so, if you get through those, you can make your own or try out those made by other players.

Perfect for: Parkour fans, the competitive, level designers

Playtime: 10 hours (and a whole lot more)