Can South Korea’s robo-cops reveal how we behave around technology?

In South Korea the testing of robot prison guards is underway. Torie Bosch of Slate reports,

In November, officials estimated that the month-long test, involving three 5-foot robots, would cost 1 billion South Korean won, or about $900,000. That doesn’t include the cost of developing the machines. But officials hope that eventually, the robots could help cut costs, which could be valuable for countries experiencing acute prison overcrowding, like in Latin America.

Though the robots are for the right reasons, the idea is surreal:

robot snapping a latex glove over its steely, probe-like fingers?” But frankly, switching to (safe) machine cavity searches would likely appeal to both inmates and guards of the human variety. We feel no shame in front of machines.

Now this part is strange at first. But do we ever feel much shame in front of technology?  It doesn’t have personal judgements or vendettas…at least for now.

[via Slate]