Enzo, a new arcade game that’ll spin you right round, baby

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Enzo (iOS)

All you need for a compelling arcade game is a couple of lines and a circle. Alright, strictly speaking, Pong‘s (1972) ball was a square, but the point still stands. ENZO is the latest quickfire high-score chaser to prove it. It’s climbed the ever-growing tower of arcade games that have come before it and managed to provide a unique, if familiarly frustrating, challenge through its austere use of geometry. The task is to guide the path of light beams as they bounce around inside a circle by sliding your finger across the screen to spin the circle. The catch is that different colored light beams cannot cross paths—if they do, it’s Game Over. And yet to score points you must ensure that light beams of the same color do cross paths. It’s a game of quick reactions and tight angles that should suit anyone who’s a deft hand at speed pool.

Perfect for: Arcade addicts, pool players, commuters

Playtime: Seconds per round