Coppola, Lucas, and Captain America director going back to small scale. Why don’t games?

Big is the new small apparently with big directors turning to “personal films.” George Lucas recently had Red Tails and Francis Ford Coppola has Twixt. Now, Joe Johnston, director of Captain America, has announced that he’s going low-budget for his next film. Eric Vespe from Aintitcoolnews asks why other big name directors don’t follow in his footsteps:

“I’d love to see more filmmakers alternate big and small productions. How many years are we going to have to wait for Peter Jackson to make another low budget piece of weirdness? Do you think someone like James Cameron has it in him to do a tight 20 million action flick anymore?”

The question is extremely relevant to today’s games scene as so many big names from studios are taking time off. It could also contribute to making the industry more digestible. Rather than seeing huge releases every year, studios could stagger their big releases with each other and put out small, focused games in the mean time.

With a smaller project to focus on, creators like Johnston and Miyamoto can crank out projects rather than having them take years. And with a smaller budget comes less risk and less overhead management, they can take more chances. I for one am extremely excited to see what comes out of people like Ueda and Miyamoto taking time off and hope that more people and companies consider similar action.

– Adnan Agha