The cat drinking fountain that actually exists and can be bought with actual dollars

Everyone knows what a public drinking fountain looks like. It’s a tank sprouting from a wall with a sink on top. Attached to the sink is a water dispenser, and on the side of the tank is a pushable button that releases the water. Now that you’ve been reminded of what it looks like, picture a drinking fountain so low it almost reaches the ground. Then picture a cat drinking from it. Cute meme? Funny gif? No- this actually exists.

The Cat Drinking Fountain is a one-of-a-kind, hand-made water fountain currently for sale on Etsy. Designed by CatastropicCreations, the drinking fountain was crafted from wood and aims to look like a real drinking fountain. CatastropicCreations makes a slew of cat products that are functional but also showcase design- something very apparent in the Cat Drinking Fountain. It is made almost completely out of pine wood, except for the water tank and a couple of screws, and has been stained and sanded for the targeted ‘used’ look. The fountain is mountable to walls and can plug into any standard North American outlet.

The founders of CatastropicCreations, Mike Wilson and Megan Hanneman, are cat owners themselves who hand make every item they sell. What started as a hobby has become a full on business, causing the inventors to leave their jobs to make cat furniture full time. According to their website, the business is a bit backed up with orders, which might explain why there is only one Cat Drinking Fountain available for purchase… though if there are multiple people willing to cough up $1,250 to buy one, the owners will likely allow the placement of future orders.


This post was originally written by Tiffany Nesbit for PSFK.