How Catlateral Damage constructs tidy living rooms for house cats to destroy

If, like me, you are the proud owner of formerly stray cats, you know the havoc they can cause to a well-kept house: the shredded upholstery of the couch, the spilled house plants, the random toilet paper roll attacks.

While a nightmare for me, this must be thrilling for my awful cats. That’s the concept behind Chris Chung’s Catlateral Damage, the “first-person destructive cat simulator” that lets you terrorize an otherwise orderly house from the perspective of a mischievous meower. Yes, it’s genius, but I suspect he is the unfortunate victim of cats gone wild.

Over at Gamasutra today, Chung has posted about how he constructed the rooms for you to lay waste. There’s a lot of technical jargon about texture mapping and wall modeling, but in addition it offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes peek at how 3D structures such as houses are built and populated with doors and windows and armoires and so forth.

And to think: he goes through such intricate pains of tidying up this place so that a small furry animal can have an obstacle course. You and me both, brother.