World of Darkness was going to be a goth-y, blood-drinking Assassin’s Creed

Now this is just rubbing garlic in the wounds.

Buried in the Guardian story on the slow, decrepit demise of CCP’s vampire MMO World of Darkness is evidence of a pretty cool game. Namely, it had been revamped into a vampire-themed MMO with a liberal dose of Assassin’s Creed. The game borrowed heavily from the method of traversal in that game, specifically how you scrambled up walls to rooftops, according to Nick Blood, previously a developer at CCP. As a fan of Park Chan-wook’s rooftop-hopping vampire film Thirst, this sounds great to me. 

But the rest was, well, a big disaster. You should definitely go and read the whole thing if you’re interested in this fascinating failed project, but, briefly, “the problem was that, without a cogent vision, none of it gelled. There was no clear path towards ‘done’.” he says. Three different times over the 9 year cycle the alpha version was scrapped. And as a result, our dreams of seducing mortals went down the drain like the blood bag I’m pouring out in memory of this game.