Cex’s rad new electronic record comes in a grimy old Gamestop case

The electronic artist Cex’s new record is a soundtrack for a PlayStation 2 game that doesn’t exist, and the music seems similarly outside of physical space. Shamaneater is sample-heavy, low-key electronica filed under the sub-genre of vaporware—hyperreal, beat-bumping tunes as imagined by purveyors of obscure sounds. Think smooth jazz, lounge, maybe PlayStation 2 samples. 

As far as the music quality, this album is really fucking nice, but you wouldn’t know it from the cover art. It comes repackaged in authentic secondhand jackets recycled from Gamestop—you know, the kind that stand in for long lost boxes of traded-in copies of Burnout. If you’re lucky yours will not be covered in gummy sticker residue. Ah, the memories! Not only that, but the disc is printed like an authentic PS2 game.

You can and should listen here.