The Chaos Theory of adolescence

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LIFE IS STRANGE (PC, PlayStation, Xbox

BY DONTNOD Entertainment

Life is Strange has wavered throughout its past three episodes, the boldness of its rewind mechanic not always enough to outweigh the cringe-worthiness of its dialogue. Until now, this episodic narrative game seemed only to shine in spite of itself—though when it did, it was like a beam of light showing a new path for choice-based gaming. With the third episode, “Chaos Theory,” Life is Strange secures its place as an important (if imperfect) entry into the conversation between film, television, and videogames. Building upon the sensibilities of Ray Bradbury, The Twilight Zone, and that Ashton Kutcher movie you hoped to forget, Life is Strange carves out its own unique claim on the human consequences of time travel, as only a videogame could.

Perfect for: Hella Hipsters, time travelers, and polaroid photographers.

Playtime: A couple of hours per episode.