March 29, 2011, 2:00 pm

File under “Winning.” An opportunistic California company has decided that they have seen the future of games and it is called Sheen.  Hyro-Gliff has decided to file a variety of trademarks based on all the crazy things that Sheen has said over the last few weeks.  We hope it’s a cover-based shooter.

And guess what? As well as protecting the use of “Tiger Blood”, “Duh, Winning” and more with ‘electronic devices’ and mobile phones, Hyro-Gliff’s trademark covers: ‘Handheld units for playing electronic games’; ‘electronic gambling machines’; ‘video games software’; ‘computer game programmes’; ‘video games machines for use with televisions’; ‘computer game equipment containing memory devices’; ‘standalone video games and video game consoles’; ‘gaming machines’; ‘casino games’ and ‘video and computer games’.