Cheat Sheet 1/25: Tons of Hardware rumors for the next Xbox and Wii U, No Blizzcon 2012, and Tiny Tower devs stick it to Zynga

Hey guys! Look at all the rumors! From hardware to games, anonymous sources galore!

– Everyone’s making claims about the next Xbox. Blu-Ray? Graphics processor? Release date? All I know is I’m gonna call it the Nextbox.

– The WiiU is getting some hardware rumors of its own.

– There’s no Blizzcon until 2013 but who knows, maybe Diablo 3 will be out by then and you can play it without having to go!

Tiny Tower developers Nimblebit spotted a few too many similarities between their game and Zynga’s.

 God of War IV rumored to be announced soon.

Modern Warfare 3’s DLC schedule has been revealed.

And that’s your daily dose of mainstream gaming news.

– Adnan Agha