Zelda’s link to the past, SOMA looks terrifying, & a horrifically morbid driving sim

In a move to appeal to those who played Nintendo games way back in the day, Nintendo is not only remaking A Link To the Past, but they’re letting you play the dungeons in any order you want. Shocked face.

Things we are scared of: large dogs, Miley Cyrus, the Illuminati,  & this trailer for SOMA, the terrifying-looking game by Frictional.

The New Zealand Transport Agency has made a violently traumatic driving simulator to scare new drivers into sticking to the speed limit. “They’re having the virtual experience of their on death,” brags a member of the agency.

Speaking from personal experience, you should never pass up an opportunity to play a public space game by Nathalie Pozzi and Eric Zimmerman. Their knitted, hanging boardgame Interference is showing in Cali, so make a date.

What’s even sweeter than Soda Drinker Pro, the game about slurping down that sweet brown carbonated fructose known as soda? Doing so in virtual reality. You will be changed.

Bot Colony is an AI project ten years in the making, trying to teach your computer conversational skills. Things AI bots say:

Player: I need a taxi?

Tina: I can confirm that taxis are not responding.

Tina: However, the Hunter-Bot can carry passengers…

Player: Who is authorized to open the door?

Tina: Only two robots are authorized to enter the Hunter-Bot room.

Player: What robots have clearance?

Tina: Maintenance-Bot “Kenny” MT-133 and Vacuum-Bot “Charlie” VC-009 can neter the hunter bot room.

Happy Monday!