Virtual warcrimes, Grand Theft Auto block parties, & Mario gets cloned

When it comes to shooters involving war, the Red Cross wants studios to stop committing virtual warcrimes. It sorta makes sense. What do you think?

Grand Theft Auto Online is live as of yesterday. We’re looking forward to doing some regulatin’! 

If you’d rather hang with the grandparents than the homies, Wii Party U has got you covered.

Three things we never thought we’d see in a mainline Mario game: cat tails, cloning, and football dribbling. DO WANT!

Environmental storytelling is difficult because anything less than ontological fullness breaks the immersive promise of a lived-in world. 

-Ian Bogost, writing for the L.A. Review of Books, on the narrative creakiness of Gone Home.

With this handsome wooden block set, even marbles have entered the digital age.

Happy Wednesday!