Intelligent matchbox cars, games as ADHD medicine, and Jack Skellington’s spiritual successor

Sometimes videogames are prescribed to help treat ADHD, like in this forward-thinking Finnish psychiatry center.

And sometimes videogames turn your old slot-car racers into futuristic matchbox machines. Do want.

Or you can just bet on how the poor cave-explorer in Spelunky will die. We’re one step closer to Running Man

Ken Soto, co-founder of Toronto developer Massive Damage, makers of Please Stay Calm, speaks on the dangers of becoming a one-hit wonder, and how Candy Crush Saga won’t be the next “Ice, Ice Baby.”

From Mobot Studios (Paper Montsters) comes your latest Kickstarter hopeful, Knite and the Ghost Lights. Love those hand-crafted characters.

We recently spoke to the writer of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (and sometimes we wish we could forget). interviewed Thomas Grip, founder of Frictional Games and creator of the Amnesia franchise, about his next big scarefest, SOMA. Don’t worry: It’s a corpse-free zone.

For now!