The Sundance of Games, a Mighty Rich Kickstarter, and our Destiny awaits

Kenji Inafune’s Kickstarter project for Mighty No. 9 has finally, mercifully ended after one month of unprecedented response, breaking through every stretch goal (including 3DS, PSVita, PS4 and Xbox One versions) and amassing over $4 million in total funds. Whew!

The Oculus Rift is a peek into the future of gaming. Now it’s glancing over its shoulder into the past, with the GameCube emulator Dolphin now supporting the VR goggles.

Today marks the beginning of IndieCade, the counterculture game show founded by Stephanie Barish, taking place in Culver City, CA through Sunday. Look for old favorites (Kentucky Route Zero), new curiosities (Luxuria Superbia, seen above) and playful experiments like Pico’.

Sony’s making a concerted effort to open up the male-dominated game industry to the fairer gender. Their G.I.R.L. scholarships do just that.

This may or may not be the first functional controller add-on for your iPhone.

We love the small, independent, hard-to-pronounce games. We also love the next big spectacle. Destiny is coming. Let’s see what the creators of Halo have up their secretive sleeves in this newly-released trailer.

See y’all later!