The League of Legends World Championship, Tom Clancy lives on through his ghostwriter, & choose your own ending to Breaking Bad

You’ll appreciate this eulogy to the late Tom Clancy, the man whose books inspired a ton of videogames, from Jerome Preisler, the man who ghostwrote his books for him. Semper Fi indeed.

The League of Legends World Championship is on! Watch it broadcasted from The Staples Center tonight.

People’s reactions to the finale of Breaking Bad have ranged from mildly satisfied to completely miffed. Vice offers these absurd choose-your-own-adventure-esque endings

For those of us who need to look busy while playing point-and-clicks, The Cave has made it over to all things iThing. Your fellow commuters will never know.

Facebook is looking to fight snooping with transparency. We had a Watch_Dogs article about that a while back.

We love it when techy algorithmic data is added to things that aren’t inherently techy nor algorithmic. So, of course, we love this flowchart analysis of the rapper Riff Raff’s lyricism

It sounds like Amazon are getting primed for their game box. See what we did there?

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