CHEAT SHEET 2/1/12: Kazuo Hirai’s promotion, THQ’s troubles and a new Humble Bundle with an added bonus

Back to work! Let’s check in with today’s mainstream gaming news!

– Kazuo Hirai will soon replace Howard Stringer as Sony’s CEO and President.

– THQ has been having some serious financial troubles which have led to massive layoffs and potentially being removed from NASDAQ.

– The next Humble Indie bundle has been announced and this one is introducing Android compatibility!

– Digital version of Sony’s upcoming handheld, the Vita, will be cheaper than their boxed counterparts.

Gotham City Impostors is releasing next week.

 MMORPG Rift is free to play until level 20.

And that’s it for today! Did anyone else noticed that today’s date is 2112? I think that’s cool. Come back tomorrow for another news wrap-up.

– Adnan Agha