Cheat Sheet 2/14: The next X-COM, Mass Effect 3’s demo, and the Lego Star Wars license

Always I want to be with you and make believe with you and bring you today’s mainstream gaming news!

– Goldhawk Interactive, developers of Cold War/Alien strategy game Xenonauts, have promised a true remake of X-COM.

– The Mass Effect 3 demo is out today, best Valentine’s Day ever, right?

– Lego has renewed the Star Wars license for another decade. How long until we see the Lego prequels in 3D?

– Amazon has some heavy discounts for really great games in honor of Valentine’s Day. What’s better than killing some wasteland mutants with your sweetie?

– Upcoming adventure-puzzle-game-thing Cradle has a gameplay trailer and it looks… interesting.

That’s it for today, go ask that girl you like out!

– Adnan Agha