Cheat Sheet 2/2/12: Potential Halo 4, Half-Life 2 played for more than fun and Capcom in a bad place

It’s Thursday! You know what that means?! That it’s time for today’s cheat sheet!

– A Finnish site is claiming that Halo 4 will be revealed later this month at Microsoft’s Spring Showcase.

– Fans are planning on using everyone’s favorite game, Half-Life 2, in an effort to get some answers out of Valve. 

– Capcom, developer of franchises like Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Megaman is unfortunately not doing well financially. As a fan, and with the recent THQ news, it makes me more than a little nervous.

Much praised Adventure-platformer-thing Ghost Trick is haunting its way onto iOS.

– Microsoft wants you to play the Mass Effect 3 demo so badly they’ll give you Xbox Live Gold. Learning a little something from Valve’s free weekends are we?

It’s also Groundhog’s Day. I think we should all celebrate by watching the movie. Let’s hope Capcom gets another shot.

– Adnan Agha