Cheat Sheet 2/21: Sony’s Kinect, Black Ops 2, and Tim Schafer’s a happy camper

Back from the long weekend, here’s today’s big news.

– A recently published patent has revealed that Sony may working on their own version of the Kinect.

– French games site Gameblog noticed that Activision let slip that this year’s Call of Duty would be Black Ops 2. They were not happy about it.

– Tim Schafer’s Double Fine kickstarter is up to 2 million dollars. That’s 5 times the original goal. The proposal’s success has inspired some other developers too.

– BioWare has released the extended cut of the Mass Effect 3 trailer.

– Military shooter Spec Ops: The Line will be out in June.

Yeah, that trailer is pretty awesome, but I’m sorry, that little girl really creeps me out.

– Adnan Agha