Cheat Sheet 2/23: The Last Guardian gets a little help from their friends, the PS4 has a rumored graphics card, and a Grim Fandango-inspired adventure game

You finish that game or so help me I will turn this car around! Here’s the news:

The Last Guardian team is getting the help of the God of War guys to help finish their game. I’m not sure how to feel about this.

– The PS4 is rumored to be using an AMD graphics card. Just like the Nextbox.

– Indie developer SkyGoblin has released a trailer for their upcoming adventure game The Journey Down. Inspired by Grim Fandango  and with character designs featuring African masks, it definitely looks like one to watch out for.

Battlefield: Aftershock, EA’s mobile entry into the popular shooter franchise, has been pulled from the App store.

Angry Birds: Space has a trailer that uses NASA footage pretty effectively.

I don’t like Angry Birds very much, but I do love space…. I guess we’ll see which one wins out.

– Adnan Agha