Cheat Sheet 2/24: Jet Grind Radio coming back, SEN going down, and the free-to-play craze

Here’s the rest of today’s news: 

– Sega released a teaser suggesting that Jet Grind Radio is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and Sony Entertainment Network at some point. 

– SEN is going down for scheduled maintenance next week. 

– Blizzard may be working on a free-to-play game, Everquest is going free-to-play on March 15th and even Killzone 3 is joining the fun, making its multiplayer free-to-play. 

 Battlefield 3 has a huge patch coming soon.

– Gearbox has released details on the changes made to the Siren in Borderlands 2

The Amazing Spider-Man is set to hit June 26th, about two weeks before the movie.

I guess people like this whole free-to-play thing. Have a good weekend!

– Adnan Agha