Morning Cheat Sheet 2/29: Double Fine heads talking adventure games, Minecraft modding, and Bethesda’s next gen

Here’s the news for today:

– Double Fine’s Tim Schafer has posted an awesome 35 minute long conversation between himself and his interviewee, adventure game guru Ron Gilbert.

Minecraft will soon be getting modding support.

– Bethesda is hiring for a game for “future-generation consoles.”

– Sega has officially announced Jet Set Radio HD, coming out this Summer. 

– PSN is going down for maintenance this Thursday.

– For the Diablo 3 fans out there, a new video from Blizzard shows a bunch of the skills that will be available in the game.

That’s it for today, check out that conversation, it sheds a lot of light on adventure game design and the way that both’s philosophies have changed over time.

– Adnan Agha