Morning Cheat Sheet 3/1: Blizzard’s layoffs, a new Baldur’s Gate, and Sega’s new CCO.

And now that the leap day is over, we can all get back to work, cause come on, it’s a real day again guys.

– Blizzard cut 600 jobs and though the vast majority of them had nothing to do with game development, that’s still sad news to hear.

– There may be a new Baldur’s Gate game in the works. A teaser site went up recently that seems to imply that the RPG franchise, dormant for a decade may be returning soon.

– Toshiro Nagoshi, head of the Yakuza and Super Monkey Ball games, has been promoted to Sega’s Chief Creative Officer.

– There is a huge Assassin’s Creed announcement coming soon. Does anyone remember when we started announcing announcements? Can we all agree to stop please?

The Binding of Isaac has been turned down by Nintendo due to “questionable religious content.”

Zone of the Enders HD will be coming to PS3 and 360 this fall.

– The FIFA Street demo is out now.

Alright! And that’s it! Quite a bit for a thursday morning but it was an eventful leap day! It only comes around every 4 years so they had to make it count. Check back later today for more news!

– Adnan Agha