Cheat Sheet 2/6/12: Valve’s next game, Diablo 3 invites and an insider talks Zynga.

Back from the weekend! I heard something about a giant bowl of cereal? Anyway, let’s hear about some news.

– Remember how Valve had a secret TF2 project? Looks like that wasn’t all they were hiding. Here’s some concept art for what may be a new game.

– Check your inboxes! 100,000 more Diablo 3 beta invites went out. I still don’t have one.

– A former Zynga employee has begun dishing on the company’s disturbing business practices.

– The PS Vita’s firmware update is adding a bunch of features and will even support OSX.

– One of Square’s better-loved entries into the popular RPG franchise, Final Fantasy X is being remastered not remade.

– Naughty Dog was considering another Jak and Daxter game before they moved on to The Last of Us.

Hawken, this December’s mech-shooter will be free to play.

That’s it for now. Check back tomorrow! Have you ever asked someone else their favorite cereal? Try it some time. It’s a pretty great ice-breaker.

– Adnan Agha