Cheat Sheet 2/7/12: Journey’s status, Psychonauts 2, and THQ moving forward

It’s that time again. Here’s today’s wrap-up of mainstream gaming news. 

– 3 years of development later, much-anticipated downloadable game, Journey, is done and will hopefully be out soon.

Minecraft developer Markus Persson aka Notch, wants to fund Psychonauts 2.

– After some pretty serious financial trouble, THQ has announced they will be partnering with Innovative Leisure, a studio with some serious old-school muscle behind it.

– Eat, Sleep, Play’s David Jaffe, the man behind Twisted Metal and God Of War  is leaving the studio to start one of his own.

– Respawn Entertainment has resurfaced and their first game may be out in 2013. The studio was formed after Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella left due to litigation with Activision over Modern Warfare 2.

– The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is coming to the PS Vita.

– Downloadable Contra-style 2D shooter, Shoot Many Robots released a trailer showing off the enemies you’ll be blasting.

Some pretty big stuff for a Tuesday afternoon. Check back in tomorrow!

– Adnan Agha