Cheat Sheet 2/9/12: Double Fine’s next game and their crazy strategy, Skyrim 1.4, and Super Meat Boy going portable.

And here’s this afternoon’s wrap-up of the day’s gaming news.

– Double Fine’s Tim Schafer used Kickstarter to pitch the world on a new adventure game. In an extremely cool showing of fan support and loyalty, they exceeded the $400,000 goal overnight.

Skyrim has hit patch 1.4. But in some even cooler news, check out the results of a Bethesda Skyrim jam!

Super Meat Boy, the extremely difficult downloadable platformer may be coming to touch devices soon.

Alan Wake is getting a PC Collector’s edition in March and the series will “certainly continue.”

– Vita sequel to the PSN twin stick shooter, Super Starsdust Delta, has spilled the beans on some planned DLC.

And that’s it for today! Dragon mounts! Ever since How to Train Your Dragon this is all I’ve wanted. My heart aches for it.

– Adnan Agha