Cheat Sheet 3/1: Minecraft 1.2, Assassin’s Creed 3’s hero, and BioShock Infinite’s release date

Here we are again, let’s get through the rest of the day’s news:

Minecraft 1.2 is out now and brings some awesome new features, as the trailer shows.

– Some Assassin’s Creed III art has leaked that may suggest the game’s protagonist and setting.

BioShock Infinite release date has been announced as October 16th in the US and the 19th everywhere else.

– After being snubbed by Nintendo, the Binding of Isaac team is looking to Sony platforms.

Sim City 5 has been rumored for next year.

– The PS4 is leaving cell processing behind and the speculation about the new chipset is pretty interesting.

And that’s it! Skyoshock! Looks like I’ll finally need to get through those games.

– Adnan Agha