Cheat Sheet 3/2: Notch spreads the wealth, BioShock Infinite PS3 comes with a nice bonus, and basejumping comes to iOS.

Hey, how are ya? Good? Glad to hear it. Let’s read some news:

– Markus “Notch” Persson, creator of Minecraft, has celebrated the game’s 5 millionth sale by spreading 3 million dollars among his employees.

– BioShock Infinite on PS3 will also include a copy of the original game. Not a bad reason to opt for that platform if you’re like me and haven’t finished the first yet.

– Indie basejumping game AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! has jumped on to iOS

– After yesterday’s leak of some Assassin’s Creed III cover art, Ubisoft has gone ahead and unveiled the game’s cover art.

– Indie Fund, bankroller of independently made games, has announced they will be funding puzzle-platformer The Swapper

– The Amazing Spider-Man game will allow feature Stan Lee as a playable character. So. Awesome.

– The upcoming Silent Hill titles have been slightly delayed, though they’re all still coming in March. 

And for a fun way to close out Friday, check out Tim Schafer showing off his acting chops in the blooper reel for the mega-successful kickstarter campaign.

– Adnan Agha