Cheat Sheet 3/21: Mass Effect 3’s ending getting charitable, Skyrim 1.5, and Sim City’s engine

Prepare your eyeballs, tons of video incoming:

The Mass Effect 3 controvery has taken an interesting turn. Fans protesting for a new ending have begun petitioning via charitable donation.

– The next Skyrim patch is bringing some of the developments from the internal jam to the people like ranged combat killcams and… wrestling..?

– Maxis has released a video showing off the next SimCity game’s engine.

– In this trailer for BioShock Infinite, Ken Levine describes another major enemy type. And this trailer shows off some of the additions coming to the 360 edition of The Witcher 2.

– The Dark Knight returns with a new Lego Batman game, this time featuring some other DC superheroes as well.

Tons of video for today. We’ll be back tomorrow with more news so make sure you stop by!