Cheat Sheet 3/22: Mass Effect’s ending change, Angry Birds: Space and Baldur’s Gate on iPad.

Okay, here goes:

– In the continuing misadventures of Mass Effect 3’s ending, it looks as though BioWare will be conceding to fan protest and change the ending, to something that provides more “clarity” and “closure.” Sigh.

Angry Birds: Space is out today and to celebrate the launch, developer Rovio decided to turn the Space Needle in Seattle into a giant slingshot.

Little Big Planet Karting has been announced courtesy of the makers of Modnation Racers, Epic Mickey 2 is going to be a videogame musical, and Baldur’s Gate will be coming to the iPad.

– Telltale games have released a new trailer for The Walking Dead and Ubisoft has put out a trailer showing off FarCry 3’s gameplay.

– The next Humble Bundle is out now and the games are available on basically everything.

Guild Wars 2 will have microtransactions that don’t give people an unfair advantage and DotA 2 looks like it will too.

– A bunch of XBLA titles, including Minecraft and Trials: Evolution have been priced and dated.

 Phew! That’s it for today, same time, same place tomorrow!