Cheat Sheet 3/28: The next PlayStation, More "True Ending" DLC, and Auditorium 2 takes off

Here’s today’s news:

– The next PlayStation is codenamed “Orbis,” may be launching in late 2013, has a few illustrations of features, and may not be backwards compatible with the PS3.. 

Asura’s Wrath has announced DLC that will bring players the “true ending” of the game. See what they did there?

– Ambient indie music game Auditorium 2 has met its kickstarter goal and will be put in to development soon.

– Rockstar has released a new trailer for Max Payne 3‘s multiplayer and it shows off bullet time. What’s more impressive is that it seems like it could work.

Uncharted 3 has hinted at a couple new DLC maps.

That’s it for today, you know the deal.